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 How long do I have to return a product?

You have a window of (7) days from the date of purchase to return or exchange a product, provided it is unopened or in the same condition as when purchased.

What items are eligible for return or exchange?

Items eligible for return or exchange are those that are unopened or in the same condition as when purchased. Products with manufacturing defects within the warranty period must follow our Warranty policies.

What documentation do I need to provide for a return or exchange?

You must provide the original purchase invoice for the item(s) being returned or exchanged. This invoice should detail the items purchased.

How will returns be processed?

All returns are subject to inspection by our authorized service centers. If the product meets the return conditions, refunds will be processed as cheque payment, deducting any applicable shipping and handling charges.

 Where can I return a product, and how do I initiate the return process?

You can return products at any of our store locations where customer service (Authorized Service Centers) is available. For assistance, you may also contact our customer service hotline. Please ensure the product is complete, including all accessories and original packaging, before initiating the return process.

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