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Huawei Scale 3

Huawei Scale 3

Experience a new level of fitness tracking with the Huawei Scale 3, designed to provide a detailed body composition analysis for your convenience. This advanced scale offers insights into 11 body indicators, enabling you to understand and adjust your workout routines and customize fat-burning plans effectively. Its ultra-slim and flat design ensures easy storage virtually anywhere, making it a practical addition to any home. With a sparkling and stylish exterior, the Huawei Scale 3 not only delivers accurate health assessments but also adds a touch of elegance to your space. Utilizing Huawei TruFit, a body composition model co-developed with Hefei Institutes of Physical Science and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this scale offers scientifically guided measurements, ensuring that every reading is precise and beneficial. Track your body fat rate and skeletal muscle assessments to achieve a professional level of weight management with the Huawei Scale 3.

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The Huawei Scale 3 provides a comprehensive body composition analysis with 11 key indicators, helping you adjust workouts and customize fat-burning plans. Its ultra-slim, stylish design ensures easy storage and adds elegance to any space. With Huawei TruFit, developed with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, every measurement is precise and scientifically guided for professional weight management.

Product Weight: 1570g
Model Number: HEMB19/DBY-B19
Model Name: HEMB19

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