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Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit

Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit

Introducing the Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit, your ultimate solution for all your electronic repair needs. Utilizing computer numerical control (CNC) processes for high accuracy with a tolerance of ±0.01mm, this screwdriver kit ensures a perfect fit for tiny screws found in your electronics. With 24 high-precision screwdriver bits spanning across 9 categories, including quartz watches, cameras, radios, computers, and mobile phones, you'll have everything you need for precise repairs. The smooth arc edge provides a comfortable grip, while the sandblasting anodizing treatment surface offers anti-sweat and anti-corrosion properties. All the magnetism bits neatly fit inside the compact aluminum alloy storage box, keeping them organized and easily accessible. The magnetic screwdriver bits provide added convenience and a wonderful user experience, making it much easier to catch and hold screws without slipping. Each edge can be accurately locked onto screws, ensuring precise handling during repairs. Despite its comprehensive set of bits, the Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit remains light and portable, weighing just 300g. With its aluminum box and handle, this kit is built to last and satisfy various daily precision work needs. Upgrade your repair toolkit with the Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit and tackle any repair job with confidence and precision.
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The Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit, renowned for its accuracy and precision with a tolerance of ±0.01mm achieved through CNC processing. This comprehensive kit includes 24 high-precision screwdriver bits across 9 categories, suitable for repairing quartz watches, cameras, radios, computers, and mobile phones. Its design features a smooth arc edge for a comfortable grip, while the sandblasting anodizing surface treatment ensures anti-sweat and anti-corrosion properties. The compact aluminum alloy storage box neatly organizes all magnetism bits, ensuring easy access and organization. Magnetic screwdriver bits enhance the user experience by securely catching and holding screws, preventing slipping. With a lightweight and portable design, weighing just 300g, and equipped with an aluminum box and handle, it's perfect for various daily precision work requirements.

Colour Name Grey
Model Number MJJXLSD002QW
Model Name Mi Precision Screwdriver Kit
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