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Mi Smart Blender UK

Mi Smart Blender UK

Introducing the Mi Smart Blender UK, where innovation meets convenience for your daily blending needs. Engineered with cutting-edge features, this blender ensures seamless blending performance while offering versatility like never before. Experience the ultimate blending experience with the hot and cold dual-mode blending capability, allowing you to effortlessly prepare both refreshing cold smoothies and comforting hot soups with a simple touch. Powered by a variable frequency high-power motor, this blender delivers exceptional performance, ensuring smooth and consistent results every time. Take control of your blending experience like never before with the intuitive Mi Home app. Whether you're adjusting blending speeds, setting customized blending programs, or scheduling blending sessions for up to 12 hours in advance, the smart control functionality empowers you to tailor your blending experience to suit your preferences effortlessly. Crafted with a high borosilicate glass jar, this blender not only provides durability but also ensures the purity of your blends by resisting stains and odors. The OLED control panel offers a sleek and user-friendly interface, allowing you to navigate through different blending modes and settings with ease. Equipped with eight stainless steel blades, this blender effortlessly pulverizes ingredients, ensuring smooth and finely blended textures every time. Safety is paramount, and that's why the Mi Smart Blender UK comes with multiple safety features, including overheat protection and automatic shut-off, providing you with peace of mind during every blending session. Elevate your blending experience to new heights with the Mi Smart Blender UK, where innovation, convenience, and performance converge to redefine your culinary journey.
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Experience the Mi Smart Blender UK, revolutionizing your kitchen with its hot and cold dual-mode blending. Powered by a high-frequency motor, it effortlessly creates smoothies or soups. Control it via the Mi Home app, scheduling blends up to 12 hours in advance. Its high borosilicate glass jar ensures durability and purity, while the OLED panel and eight stainless steel blades offer easy operation and precise blending. With safety features like overheat protection, it's both innovative and reliable, making it the ultimate blending companion for any kitchen.

Colour Name: White
Appliance Wattage: Above 800 Watt
Wattage: 1000 W
Model Number: 39482
Model Name: Smart Blender

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