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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 Mop Kit

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 Mop Kit

The Xiaomi Cleaner G10 Mop Kit offers advanced features to simplify your cleaning routine and enhance user experience. With its high-definition TFT color display, you can easily check the cleaning status, mode, battery power, and other essential information at a glance. The newly added one-tap self-locking feature allows you to operate the device effortlessly, freeing your fingers from the need to press and hold buttons continuously. This innovative addition streamlines operation and minimizes button wear from repeated use, ensuring a seamless and reliable cleaning experience. Experience hassle-free cleaning with the Xiaomi Cleaner G10 Mop Kit's automatic suction power adjustment, which adapts to different floor types under auto mode. Say goodbye to manual mode switching between carpet and hard floors, as the vacuum intelligently adjusts suction power accordingly, optimizing cleaning efficiency while preventing battery drain. Additionally, the V-shape combing design effectively prevents hair tangles by reducing hair wrapping and gathering towards the suction, maintaining optimal performance with minimal maintenance. With a high-capacity 3000mAh battery providing up to 65 minutes of continuous operation, you can clean larger homes without interruption. Plus, the one-click battery replacement feature ensures you can swap out the battery effortlessly, eliminating low-battery anxiety and allowing you to clean with peace of mind. The wall-mounted charging bracket not only charges the device but also provides convenient storage, while the optional dual-charging expansion slot enables simultaneous charging of two batteries, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

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The Xiaomi Cleaner G10 Mop Kit, featuring a high-definition TFT color display for easy monitoring of cleaning status and mode. With one-tap self-locking, effortless operation is guaranteed, while automatic suction adjustment adapts to different floor types for optimal cleaning. The V-shape combing design prevents hair tangles, reducing maintenance, and the long-lasting 3000mAh battery ensures up to 65 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. Plus, the one-click battery replacement and wall-mounted charging bracket offer convenient use and storage, maximizing efficiency. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Xiaomi Cleaner G10 Mop Kit for hassle-free performance.

Color: White
Features: Leak-proof seal on water dispenser
Features: Keep floors clean and safe
Weight: 60 g
Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 5 cm
Model Name: Cleaner G10 Mop Kit

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