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Mi Vacuum Cleaner mini

Mi Vacuum Cleaner mini

Introducing the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini, a sleek and efficient solution to keeping your spaces clean and tidy. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, this vacuum not only cleans effectively but also adds a touch of style to your surroundings. Its ABS hard dust shield ensures airtight sealing, preventing dust leakage for a thorough clean. The detachable dust cup and filtration parts are washable by water, making maintenance a breeze. Perfect for cleaning your car interior on smoggy, dusty days, though caution is advised against leaving it in direct sunlight or hot summer days to avoid potential hazards. With one-touch dust disposal, simply press the button and watch the dust cup pop open, minimizing secondary contamination. Equipped with a Type-C interface, it's compatible with mobile phone and power bank cables for convenient charging. Plus, the dust cup lock prevents accidental opening, providing added peace of mind. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini for effortless cleanliness and style

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The Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini: your compact and efficient cleaning companion. Powered by a high-performance brushless motor and featuring a straight dual-vent design, it maximizes cleaning efficiency while minimizing energy loss. With quick start-stop functionality, dust is prevented from lingering in the nozzle. The innovative 2-in-1 nozzle offers versatility for various cleaning tasks, tackling food crumbs and more with ease. Its slide and lock design ensure the dust cup stays securely closed, while the removable steel primary filter and built-in HEPA filter core capture even the smallest particles, maintaining overall filtering efficiency of over 99.5%. With a maximum suction power of 13KPa, lasting up to 30 minutes on a single charge, and weighing just 500g, it's lightweight, portable, and powerful. Plus, the washable HEPA filter ensures easy maintenance, while the included crevice and brush nozzles enhance cleaning versatility. Say goodbye to dust and debris with the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini.

Colour Name White
Wattage 120 W
Features Ergonomic, Cordless, Personal, Travel, Rechargeable
Model Number BHR4916GL
Model Name Mini

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