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Yeelight Folding Desk lamp Z1

Yeelight Folding Desk lamp Z1

Introducing the YEELIGHT Folding Desk Lamp Z1, your ultimate companion for healthy and eye-friendly lighting. Featuring a professional optical diffusing plate, this lamp ensures that the light emitted is gentle on your eyes, providing optimal protection during extended use. Equipped with high-quality lamp beads made from special materials, it delivers consistent and reliable illumination. With three dimming levels, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your preference and needs. The foldable and lightweight design makes it highly portable, perfect for use at home, the office, or while traveling. Powered by a long-life rechargeable 1800mAh battery, this lamp offers up to 40 hours of continuous use on a single charge, ensuring hassle-free operation wherever you go. Say goodbye to glare and flicker with this lamp's glare-free and flicker-free lighting, providing a comfortable and stable illumination experience. The adjustable head can be tilted up to 120°, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it. Additionally, it features a USB charging port, providing versatile charging options compatible with power banks, computers, and adapters. With built-in temperature protection, the lamp automatically shuts down at 48°C, ensuring safety and peace of mind during use. Elevate your lighting experience with the YEELIGHT Folding Desk Lamp Z1 and enjoy healthy, portable, and convenient illumination anytime, anywhere.
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The YEELIGHT Folding Desk Lamp Z1: featuring a professional optical diffusing plate for eye protection and high-quality lamp beads for optimal illumination. Enjoy three dimming levels for customizable brightness in a foldable, lightweight design for portability. With a long-life rechargeable 1800mAh battery providing up to 40 hours of use, experience glare-free and flicker-free lighting for comfort. Adjust the head up to 120° for precise lighting direction and utilize the USB charging port for versatile power options. Plus, ensure safety with automatic shutdown at 48°C, thanks to built-in temperature protection.

Colour Name White, Red
Model Number Z1
Model Name Yeelight Folding Desk Lamp Z1
Battery 1800mAh

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